How to survive in trouble? This issue typically occurs after the - after we get into extreme situations.

Otherwise it is not permanently on the agenda because all you said - I know I do happen. And not even that looks first aid kit in the car is loaded with medicines.
Rangers, however, must always be ready for trial. They regularly go heavy, but important in survival rates.
In the pack they always have special kits with the most important available resources necessary to trouble. They live life is a minimum, which include condoms for men and women - tampons.
Sets are different depending on the nature of the task, geographical and meteorological conditions.
Almost always the first place are the means of obtaining food and water.
If the area has a river enters into force miniature hook you for a minute to assemble the available hooks, float, weights and 3-meter cord. Will you fish, a piece of thin wire can become a trap for small game.
Without food is quite resistant, but
without water is very bad for body. Therefore, each bears the commandos in the knapsack with several blisters tablets for water purification.

Pool can be nasty smells and dirt from baka, but half an hour pill will become suitable for drinking water. Well, not so tasty as the tap, but at least the risk of indigestion will cease.
How to warm cold food? U.S. troops have different long-packaged kits that are hot without fire. The heat comes from the chemical reaction that starts after placing the package in a special corner. Then mix the substances at the end of the installed package and the food warm, without the lights the fire.
Our soldiers now rely on food warming.
Used Brass wire, 3-4 m long, and special pin field of containers. Rescue fire is windproof matches with lights or appliances for the extraction of sparks by mechanical means. Trash fire to gather around or cut with hatchet or saw.
If, however, must be kept quiet in operation enters multi wire which is cut whole branches.
That is around meters long and ends with 2 rings for tension in the cutting.

What you light the night commandos?
Most easily - with electric torches. However, if the batteries are exhausted, the aid comes standard paraffin candles.
Recently, however, imposed massive illuminated tubes for single use. To break the tube, the chemical reaction occurs, which provides cold heat for 6, 8 or 12 hours.
Guidance and designation of the area are provided in sets miniature compass specially mirror for signal light and whistle.
Special mantle plays dual role - one lit for easier detection of the rescue teams and the other serves as a better camouflage. Furthermore, during winter retain body heat, and cool in summer, reflecting the strong sun.
First aid kit in the set of commandos is loaded with antibiotics, vitamins, painkillers, medicines and disinfected antimalarichni patches.
Additionally in the kit include a pencil for writing safety pins, needles, threads and buttons. Men necessarily one sharpened blade. This work can do and simple plastic razor, but in all cases occupy more space than knife.
In this set, collected in purse has 6 illuminating tubes, medicines, multivitamins, compass combined knife, scissors, phone in the middle mantle is down by 2 countries - against the sun and camouflage.
Zatava car in the mud? They save a small shovel
The car is bogged down in mud or snow. What to do?
If there are people around, you push. What if we are alone in the middle of the field or woods?
The first that comes mind is to throw some sand blades or grit under the tire. However, nothing is easy, if not a shovel in the trunk, plus a hatchet or saw required a powerful flashlight.
Recently, the market appeared very useful for survival kits that can save drivers get into trouble and tourists. At number one is multifunctional foldable shovel, which can not only take away car from the mud, and to help the hunter to be built as conveniently waiting.
Shoulder blades are usually rectangular with a slight curve. One of them end with triangular shape and tapered edges of the clearing of bushes. At the other end has ears that fit the hinge to be connected to the handle. Shovel is 45, 90 and 180 degrees to the handle, thus broadening its application.
Austrian multi-folding blades "Glok and shovel of the Bulgarian company" VSK Kentavar "with similar form and structure and are relatively light - weighing only 1.1 kilograms. Equipped with telescopic handle made of plastic. This is particularly important when used in winter, do not stick to the bare hands on cold metal.

In the handle is hidden saw a bit length of 130 millimeters. In working position trionat be removed from the handle and attached at its free end. Teeth are at an angle of 55 degrees to the central axis, giving no special effort to cut branches, roots and sets in diameter to 75 millimeters.
Edge of the scapula is a long 237 millimeters and 150 millimeters wide. Development of special steel to ensure durability of the load not less than 136 kilograms. In the folded position the shoulder blades are longer than 240 millimeters, and in working position - 590 millimeters.
Both blades are fully consistent with the standards of NATO and are very suitable as accessory for the survival of tourists, hunters and road book.
It is high time to such funds to replace the army and the shoulder blades, which are from the Balkan and First World War.
Very diverse, but more expensive are the shoulder blades of the American company "daisy." They are made from high quality materials and the handles are trapezoidal or telescopic. In razganato position is 594 millimeters long and weigh 1.1 kilograms too. The handle is durable plastic, which is securely attached to the edge.
Field sets the "daisy" includes incredibly sharp hatchet. The handles are plastic and wear separately in a special case of the car.
Sets to be added and combined knife-saw. Blade has two halves, one of which is a simple knife, and the other saw for wood or plastic. Blade is rotated with a single movement and zastoporyava automatically.
Older generation remembers the good sets, which had almost every tourist from the former Soviet Union.
The combination included modular shovel and hatchet, which changed only a few seconds, and the handle lies in the sword. Instruments were grubovati, heavy and of bakelite handles, but years passed. Are still not only on the boat, and LUGGAGE moskvichi, but in a modern car.

New hit - dinner illuminated tubes for Rambo films


Keen tourists less reliant on paraffin candles. Night in their tent fire is weak and even dangerous. Electric torches are not comfortable - they beam is insufficient and weak.
So come into vogue illuminated tubes. Do it for the Rambo films. There ekshangeroyat knowingly breaks them, and illuminates targets caves.
They are indispensable under the open sky or in tents because they do not emit heat and fire and not diminish in the wind.
Unlike paraffin candles illuminated tubes are light without fire. It is enough only to be removed from the container to the fire, which is inside a glass ampoule breaks. Light is born of mixing in ampoule chemicals. Emitted light is uniform and not irritating to eyes. One tube is sufficient for an entire dinner in a tent or to read a topographic or road maps. At one end there and hook for hanging, and the other end is cut transversely to the pin on flat surface.
Illuminated tubes do not need batteries and work even after 5 years of storage without any recharge. They light in water, rain, snow and strong wind.
Can be used by children, as these are toxic and inflammable.
Are indispensable in rescue in the explosive environment or in the absence of oxygen. Good assistant are working on maintenance and repair of communication networks in underground galleries and shafts. Used widely by the ranger and commandos. Different colors of the tube is not arbitrary. Each color has a special purpose.
Tubes, colored in orange for example, emit the brightest light. Usually use them for illumination of caves and underground galleries.
The most powerful is the light in the first 30 minutes.
Yellow tubes are suitable for illumination of objects in fog and black smoke. When the smoke is white, is out with a green light tubes. They become better emergency warning of vehicles when there is no danger. Tube of red light do the opposite - to signal danger.



                                            BENELLI VINCI

The war of nerves over! After half a year tardiness, accidentally omitted the words of bad PR as the number of locked suitcase walking in the biggest arms fairs in the world in secrecy shroud Vinchi project at last falls into the hands of experts and fans.
Insidious course of the last of the Italians Benelli was the latest game the semi - automat them to appear with a year earlier in U.S. than in Europe and the rest of the world. There Vinchi miracle will be presented in early 2010
Cost you, however, nerves and so long waiting on a call for revolutionary gun?
Now that information is already available Vinchi and the new Italian
semi - automat has been tested not only the gallery but also the most difficult to remove the wild type (Flying at a speed around 80-100 km / h turtle-doves in Argentina and wild ducks in Canada and USA), the answer to this question is quite easy.
Yes, just talking about revolution, because the rifle bearing the name of the great Renaissance artist, thinker and inventor, is not just another "ground" of derivative known to us by 1967 inertia recharge scheme, a forerunner of the hunting is poluavtomat 21 st century.
Engineers and designers from Benelli is literally put all their innovative ideas in this project.
The semi - automat Vinchi is packed with innovative solutions and hitherto unknown combines bold design with an improved version of the already proven in practice technology and systems.
This is completely modular weapon. Rifle is like children's building LEGO, because they can assemble all just 10 seconds. No tools are not needed because everything is done so as to deal only with bare hands!
The semi - automat consists of three main modules which are integrated in all its most important systems.
The first trigger system filler for 3 rounds with a 12 caliber shell length of 76 millimeters, the system for submitting to the cartridge tube and V-form
stoke weapons.
The second consists of a barrel modulse closed box and new rechargeable inertia bolt.
Third modulse consist only of the new special weapon developed for this stock, which binds directly to the rear end of the closed module
a special metal plate-lock.
Italian heart of the new gun, however, is the new inertial system recharge, which is moving exactly in line with the barrel and three springs.
The first one is right behind lockable rotating head with two massive teeth. The second needle is a hammer, and the third is greater hope on the leading axle and used to repay part of the force of recoil when shot.
Stock is improved version of our acquaintance in 2004 of synthetic ComforTech, which is now more efficient and is called "Konforteh Plus.
As a result of efforts to reduce the power of the recoil when shot Vinchi has less recoil with the whole 72% compared to current hunting
semi - automats! And in the hunting field means that the barrel of Vinchi jump to 14-42% less, allowing the second goal for a shot to get more quickly to targets 40-68%!
Therefore, the first reviews of the experts and the most authoritative U.S. weapons are openly journalists write. For example, Marcus Keef, chief editor of the magazine "American rayfalmen, writes:" In terms of ergonomics and comfort when shooting this Benelli is the best poluavtomat that I ever catch. In view of the rather aggressive Vinchi however there may be some risk, but the structure is a turning point in the arms design. This time the revolution is real! "